Parnell Chambers for INTERPOL

Looking for best immigration lawyers in auckland? Living in New Zealand with an INTERPOL red notice hanging over your head is trying – you can be extradited at any time to the country that claims that you committed a crime. You can, however, have the red notice lifted if you hire a good lawyer such as Josiah Wong of Parnell Law Chamber He is one of the most highly experienced lawyers when it comes to helping people with red notices against them. In fact, he is so good that sometimes the matter doesn’t even get before a judge in court – he can convince INTERPOL to lift your notice by presenting them with the true and clear facts of your case. He handles cases from but not limited to Hong Kong SAR, China and the FBI.

Mr. Wong has been doing this work for many years now so you can be sure that he knows everything there is to know about INTERPOL red notices. He is familiar the Extradition Act of New Zealand, INTERPOL itself as well as extraditable offences. He starts by understanding the circumstances of your case – each case is different. Once you have presented him with all the facts he will take some time to come up with a strategy which he will explain to you in detail. He will tell you how he intends to get your red notice lifted so that you can be fully informed as you go ahead.

There are some circumstances where getting a red notice lifted is easy:

•    When it is an offence of a political character for example political persecution.

•    When sufficient evidence is shown that the person concerned, when extradited, will be ill-treated in the extradition country.

•    When the person, if extradited, will probably face the death penalty, unless the extradition country undertakes that he will not be subject to such penalty.

•    When an extradition request is religiously, racially, gender or politically motivated, and that there is no possibility for a fair trial.

If your case falls under any of the above you should let Mr. Wong know right away so that he can have your red notice lifted immediately.

The great thing about Mr. Wong’s strategies for getting INTERPOL red notices lifted is that it doesn’t cost you as much as it would if you used a different lawyer. Since he usually moves fast you will not need to use his services for long which means that you will not need to pay him that much.

If, for one reason or another your case ends up in court the judge will examine the facts of the case. At this stage both you and the prosecution can call a witness. If the judge is not convinced by the facts as they were laid out before him he can then disallow the extradition request. If the prosecution feels that they have a strong enough case then they can appeal extradition in a higher New Zealand court. If the appeal is ruled in your favor then you can stay in New Zealand and INTERPOL is forced to lift the red notice.