How to be a modern photographer

Photography has evolved drastically over the years. No longer is one required to fumble around with chemicals in a dark room developing pictures. We asked some photographers tauranga locals know and trust to see what they think. Lauren Davis from said that with today’s advancements in technology, great images can be crafted easily with a more straightforward process (at least in theory). One does not need to know the “laws of photography” to take some “ok” shots. But what is the case for someone who wants to advance their photography skills? To learn more about Tauranga click the link!

Here are some points that you can consider to help you better your skillset:

Understand your software

You need to be able to use an editing software ti it’s full potential. This does not necessarily mean buying the most expensive software on the market but rather learning to make due with what you have/can afford. The software should be able to cater to your needs. You do not have to limit yourself to one app only. But at the end of the day you should be able to take an image and make it to the best possible version of itself.

Get the basics right

As much as the modern camera allows anyone to take a few great shots, you should take time to understand how your camera works. You should be able to know what each button on your camera does and not limit yourself to knowing the shutter and on/off button. It may not be as interesting to sit down to read the user manual of your camera but it is more than worth it. Understanding what your camera CAN and CANNOT do will let you know how you can utilise it to get the most out of it.

Challenge yourself 

It is easy to fall subject to routine. If you have established a way of taking a few good shots and how to process them in a certain way which is all good. But in order to develop your photography skills, you cannot afford to get comfortable. You have to strive to better yourself, you have to be curious and take the risks of learning new shooting techniques. If you get comfortable you will never be able to make better pictures than you are now.


You should not cocoon yourself with your work. You should explore other people’s work too. I am not advising you to go duplicating their work pixel for pixel but rather study other people’s work to diversify your thoughts on photography. Other people’s work can also serve as asource of insipiration. You should also share your work on various social media platforms, for example, Flickr. This will help you gain exposure to the world. And it will also give other photographers a chance to give you tips on how to better your work. You should also link up in person with other photographers to collaborate on projects or simply pick their brains on their views on photography.


Practice makes perfect. So above all, the tips, networking, challenging yourself; nothing beats actually picking up your camera and testing it out. So have a go at it, shoot all the wonderful things you see, apply all that you have learnt and let the world see itself through your lens.