If you wish to have an excellent wellington passive house architect, look no further, Elrond Burell is an expert architect in Wellington, New Zealand who is highly qualified and experienced. Passive House is a building standard or construction concept applied to a house to make it energy efficient, comfortable, ecological and affordable at the same time. He can be found at VIA-Architecture

Energy Saving

One of the major features of the passive house is its brilliance in saving the energy of up to 90% and 75% compared with typical houses and new practice building concepts respectively. This characteristic allows the passive house to have the outstanding capability on saving energy when heating or cooling irrespective of the climate conditions.


Passive homes are known for their exceptional level of comfort. The passive building concept allows the use of energy source from the inside such as the solar heat that is entering the house making the heating a lot easier. Due to the advanced building concept of the passive buildings especially in insulation technique, the temperature in each room is consistent and easy to regulate. The performance of the window is also remarkable, and in addition to allowing more fresh air, they are tuned to the climate design which also allows them to let in the desirable amount of natural daylight.

Excellent Ventilation System and Safety

The ventilation system in passive houses enables the interior building space to be supplied with fresh and quality air. This building concept also has effective heat recovery unit which enables the heat that is in the exhaust air is re-used. The ventilation system also supplies the fresh air without any unpleasant draughts and improves the safety of your health condition by keeping the radon levels at the lowest point possible and giving no room for dust. Carbon emissions are significantly reduced as well which can also be harmful to your health.


Passive houses are also eco-friendly which is the use of low energy without any cause of damage to the environment to ensure that future generations are left with abundant energy for use. Compared with this ability to save energy, the energy used in the construction of embodied energy is trivial.


Passive houses are quite affordable not only for those adopting its concept for the first time but also as a long-term investment. With this building concept, you will not be required to install expensive cooling and heating systems, and you will also pay low bills as well in regulating these temperatures. Additionally, many countries are supporting the building concept of the passive houses though supporting the population financially by means such as the issuance of premiums in the initial capital cost.


Proven Concept

The passive house building concept has been proven all over the world since the first dwelling in was designed by Dr. Feist in 1991 and built. Thousands of passive houses have proven to be successful on all the brilliant features such as energy consumption, thermal comfort, air quality, eco-friendly capability and low operating costs.

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